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История - 6 класс                                                   1

Русский язык - 6 класс  

Английский язык - 6 класс
1.Read the text and answer th question. Cambridge (W.B. page 69) Highlands in Scotland
1)What are crafts?
2)What do people do there in winter?
2.The Mindlands in England. Cambridge (W.B/ page 69)
1)Is it from the sea?
2)Where do people work there
3.Snowdonia Wales
1)Why do people go there?
2) How good is the soil there?
4.Deserts are growing. Cambridge (W.B. Page 56)
1)What are 3 the reasons of desert's growing?
5.Life with the "Aztecs". Cambridge (W.B. Page 48)
1)Who were Aztecs?
2)What did Aztecs wear?
6.What is a Volcano?(W.B. Page 33)
1)What is Lava?
2)What kind of Volcanos do you know? Where are they?
7.Disaster in Florida (St.B. Page 87)
1)What is Hurricane?
8.Disaster in Netherlands.
1)What are -the dykes- ?
2)Why people leave their houses ?
9.Disaster in Africa
1)Climate in Desert
2)Why people had to walk many killometers?
10.Is there life on other planets? (St.B. Page 20)
1)What did scientests from "Californian Station" discovered?
2)Choose  the correct word (W.B. Page 66)
11.Do exercises  - 1)#12 page 180(Vereshyagina) ; 2) #8 page 136 (Vereshyagina)

Азербайджанский язык - 6 класс